Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Enjoying Autumn

On the eve before Thanksgiving, I've been reflecting on how much I enjoyed all the simple pleasures of this beautiful season. All the color, chrysanthemums, and cool, cloudy weather...

I do believe there is a photographer in all of us— I do love good photos!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yes, reach! I've decided that a partial reason why I haven't posted in a while (other than the usual shortage of time) is that I feel limited in my blog material. As I browse and admire the blogs of other artists, I realize that much of their appeal comes from the fact that what they write about is not limited. It pertains not only to the artistic sense, but also to the spiritual sense, the emotional sense. What they write is relatable.
So, I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to limit myself in terms of writing. I will write about my problems, my personal changes, my life goals, what inspires me, what influences me... What makes me me.
I think I'll give the credit for this sudden change to a recently discovered blog of mine. It's by a publishing artist by the name of Monica Sabolla Gruppo and this is her blog. I will say that she is a wonderful woman. She focus on the beauty that is all around us and she not only notices it-- she writes about it!
In general, I have felt limited. With college and new, glorious opportunities posed on the horizon, I feel like a cloud that is pinned to a certain spot in the sky, as if to say "You shall move from this state of mind." And with a mindset that has been dying to expand its horizons and try new and different things, this limitation feels simply debilitating! So, my blog shall be my mind's new (if only temporary) horizon. No limitations here!
So my parting words with you tonight are:  Open your wings! Fly! Expand! Leap! Let's get to it!

Doors are meant to be opened